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IH Cantabria has the experience and tools necessary to offer the most economical and sustainable solution to any marine or coastal problem. The design, management and maintenance of coastal structures is essential to the technical assistance of various disciplines (structural, sedimentary, biological, social, statistical, economic, computer, etc.) and the use of coupled theoretical,  numerical and experimental approaches. Furthermore, IH Cantabria emphasizes quick response and direct contact with organization receiving the work, sproviding the best possible customer satisfaction and consequently a succesful partnership.

IH Cantabria has invested in research and knowledge as a starting point to address any problem, which translates into highly trained professionals and the latest tools. Over 30 years and hundreds of projects carried out involving agitation studies, development of operational models, design of ports and marine structures, coast guards, risk analysis and climate change adaptation, meteoceanográficos databases, instrumentation structures, etc ... provide IH Cantabria with the knowledge and experience to effectively analyze a problem, no matter how complex, or to develop a project quickly, integrally, economicaly and sustainably.