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Environmental monitoring and management

The development of integrated water management plans for fresh and salt water areas is one of the fields in which IH Cantabria excels, as it showcases our mmultidisciplinary abilities. The water management plans are carried out by means of a systemic approximation to the natural environment and the integrated management concepts from both economic and administrative fields.

The management and monitoring plans developed by IH Cantabria highlight a profound scientific knowledge of both physical and ecological processes allowing us to provide solutions for society's growing demand of limited water resources, for which we carry out field monitoring campaigns, lab experiments as well as numerical modelling.

IH Cantabria has vast experience of physical and ecological processes related with freshwater, estuarine and coastal systems thanks to the eminently multidisciplinary background of its team of engineers, biologists, chemists, physcisists, geographers, marine scientists and environmental scientists. All of them together make a holistic approach possible.