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The coastal zone is whereseawater and freshwater mix. This is an areas with important and unique physical, biological and socioeconomic values while being subjected to hgh anthropic pressures, due to economic, development and population growth. These factors difficult the management of the coastal zone and its development and must therefore always strive to achieve the delicate balance between the complex social and environmental needs.

IH Cantabria has taken on this challengeby means of a multidisciplinary approach, having ample experience in developing solutions to coastal problems based on knowledge of coastal processes, research and policies to work "with" nature and not "against " it.

Based on a continuous R&D, the coastal numerical models  are some of the most complete and advanced tools available for the study of processes in coastal and estuarine areas. Models include tidal wave propagation and sediment transport  and iwhen necessary combine these elements to solve the complex morphological changes that occur on beaches and estuaries in different time scales.

IH Cantabria has extensive experience in the restoration of estuaries and wetlands reclamation, beach erosion, development and implementation of strategies, programs and plans for integrated coastal zone management.  Over the years, it has designed solutions to address the different environmental risks present in coastal areas, including both natural and anthropogenic hazards, risks (coastal flooding, tsunamis, oil spills, climate change impacts, etc ...) etc,  having conducted numerous studies around the world for national environmental agencies, World Bank or the United Nations among others.