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Oceanography, estuaries and water quality

The investigation of long waves, their generation, transformation and dynamics and associated kinematics is one of the main topics of interest at IH Cantabria. Long waves determine, to a great extent, sea level at any point on the coast. Furthermore, knowing and characterizing their propagation is critical, since the currents generated and the flooding regime are key variables to calculate the transport of sediment and chemicals.

At IH Cantabria, our multidisciplinary team, allows us to carry out advanced research on the following topics: development of methodologies for the generation, calibration and validation of longwave databases(astronomical tide, meteorological tide, internal waves ), development of mathematical tools - statistics for predicting  short and mid-term long-wave dynamics, evolution morphodynamics long and short of estuaries, study of the evolution of discharges of urban and industrial effluents in aquatic environments and modeling oil spills.