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Coastal Management and Engineering

IH Cantabria is developing basic and applied research for the study of coastal processes related to both marine dynamics and morphological variations in beaches. To this we must also add the study of the interrelationships and dependencies between these processes, use and integrated management of the coastal area, and assessing environmental risks affecting this area.

The Coastal Engineering and Management group is a multidisciplinary group involved in various research projects  and is continuously developing new models that simulate ocean dynamics and their interaction with sedimentary and morphodynamic processes at different spatial and temporal scales. Models which are then validated and widely applied in actual problems before being transferred.

The team is also investigating the development of new methodologies and tools for the diagnosis and integrated coastal planning, including the management and assessment of natural and anthropogenic hazards in coastal areas.

Based on a continuous R&D process, over the last 25 years IH Cantabria has generated significant scientific contributions to beach studies, while at the same time generating partnerships with other researchers from different countries