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Hydraulic Engineering

Within the wide range of Hydraulic Engineering,  a discipline which involves the design, construction and management of the works related to water as well as the environmental issues related to it, the research conducted by IH Cantabria has focused mainly on two aspects.

The first is related to the hydraulic design of ocean outfalls and discharge pipes. The methodology developed in this area has been the basis for the implementation of numerous projects.

The second of the above lines has focused on the characterization of extreme flows in river basins and their impact on the environment. In developing it, the research has advanced  the field of stochastic hydrology in determining environmental flows, modeling river flooding, and  studying the reliability of defense infrastructure against floods.

Recently, following current trends of the scientific community, this research group has begun working in the field of ecohydraulics, trying to raise awareness of the interrelationships between physical processes of aquatic ecosystems and the responses of organisms which are part of it.