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Hydrodynamics and coastal infrastructures

The study of the wave hydrodynamics and how they interact with the infrastructures built along the coast is the main motivation for the Infrastructure Group and Coastal Hydrodynamics.

To do this, the researchers of this group are continuosly developing advanced numerical tools and methodologies that enable the characterization of wave transformation processes at different spatial and temporal scales. The ranges of the processes studied range from the smallest, of the order of seconds and centimeters, such as the turbulence generated by wave breaking or breaching the structures, to the largest, long waves or these induced currents in the characterization of port agitations.

The  Coastal Hydrodynamics and Infrastructure Group participates in several research projects related to the characterization of the resonance port design with conventional and unconventional structures, operational systems development and infrastructure management, coastal zone hydrodynamics or water system characterization.

This group has over twenty years of experience in the field, during which they have developed different scientific contributions and collaborates with various national and international academic institutions as well as governments and companies, which perform the tasks of technology transfer.