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IHLab Hydro

The Coastal Engineering , Oceanography and Hydraulics Laboratory (IHLab Hydro) performs physical model testing in which phenomena related to the generation and propagation of waves, wave-wave interaction and wave-structure, stability and behavior of coastal protection structures, breakwaters and marine structures, behavior of floating structures, operation of valves and hydraulic machine and device testing marine energy generation are studied. The IHLab Hydro has 2 directional wave basins which are capable of generating currents and wind, 3 wave-stream flumes, 1 flume with a variable slope, 1 tank for the study of hypersaline discharges and a construction area for river models.

The capacities of the facilities, the experience of the team members and the use of software-numerical modeling and advanced instrumentation, allows basic research on the behavior of fluids, structures and devices, calibration and validation of all kinds numerical models and the testing of specific design and optimization of structures and models used in the fluvial and marine environment.