Scientific knowledge is usually transferred to our partners by means of software, a set of computer programs, procedures, rules, documentation and related data that are part of a computer system (IEEE 729 standard ).

Below is listed the most relevant software developed by IH Cantabria:

  Modelling systems
                       Operational systems
  Coastal Modelling System
help-about-2     Athenea help-about-2    
  TSUSY help-about-2     SPRES help-about-2  
  AQUALAB help-about-2    
          Red Vigia   help-about-2  
          SurfSpots help-about-2  


Environmental Management



GeoWeb Viewers

  Portonovo DSS help-about-2     C3E help-about-2  
  MARCE help-about-2     C3A help-about-2    
  Water Framework Directive
help-about-2     ENOLA help-about-2    
  ROM 5.1 help-about-2     MARUCA help-about-2    
  IH Rivers       Tsunamis NearToWarn help-about-2    


Numerical Models



  IH-BOUSS help-about-2     MEDVSA help-about-2  
  IH-2VOF help-about-2    
  IH-3VOF help-about-2     C3sim help-about-2  
  MANOLO help-about-2    
  IH-FOAM help-about-2     IH-AMEVA help-about-2  
  MSP help-about-2    
  FRE help-about-2     iOLE help-about-2  
          CFR help-about-2