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Capacity Building and Training

IH Cantabria offers a wide variety of courses to meet the needs of managers, technicians and professionals in the field of river engineering, coastal and offshore engineering, integrated coastal and river zone management and ecohydrology.

The educational and research staff of IH Cantabria offers specialized courses in their areas of work and modeling courses with software developed by IH Cantabria (SCM IH2VOF and IHFOAM). Ad Hoc courses can also be organized and taught both at IH Cantabria facilities or anywhere else in the world.

Some of the international organizations that have participated in our courses and workshops are: the World Bank Institute (WBI), UNAMAZ (Association of Amazonian Universities), several Egyptians governmental agencies and research center  - SPA, CORI, NWRC-, the Ministry of the Environment of Brazil, the KISR (Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research), etc ... Nationally, IH Cantabria has taught courses for companies such as Iberdrola Engineering and Aquatica among others.

Capacity building and training sessions complement the activities carried out through the University of Cantabria in its graduate programs and summer sessions.