EMBOS Training Course on Marine Biodiversity
Martes, 02 Abril 2013 11:40

EMBOS Training Course on Marine Biodiversity

IH Cantabria concluded its first EMBOS Training School on Marine Biodiversity.
Ten lecturers from Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and The Nederlands presented between the 21st and 25th of May a theoretical and practical overview of the status of biodiversity research in Europe. 21 students and young researchers from 13 countries took part in field trips and sampling of biota, taxonomic determination of species, lectures on marine biodiversity and biodiversity indicators in use in different regions of Europe, mathematical analyses of biodiversity (indicators), introduction on networking among European biodiversity researchers, and discussion groups on the use of biodiversity indicators as used in the different regions for policy making (including the MSFD).
The EMBOS Action is focusing on two major aspects that will form the basis of a Marine Biodiversity Observatory System. Firstly, a pan-European large-scale network of marine biodiversity observatory sites is prepared, and secondly a validated system of indicators which will detect status and change in marine biodiversity including ecosystem health. Pilots to test the system and training schools are part of the Action.

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