Tuesday, 10 April 2012 11:29


The aqualab system provides a graphic interface with a series of numerical models developped by IH Cantabria which allow us to define the hydrodynamic characteristics of the littoral environment as well as the transport analysis of pollutants.

This interface has a series of tools to help generate date bases with geographical, meteorological and oceanogrpahic data, which can then be introduced iinto the models, facilitating their use as well as the graphical representation of the model's numerical results.

Aqualab allows the user to work with two and three dimensional hydrodynamic marine data provided by tidal currents and wind on coastal areas and shallow estuaries, all of which facilitatite the downscaling techniques.

The numerical tools used to manage water quality provide models of the spatial and temporal evolution of contaminant substances such as fecal contaminant indicators, levels of DO or organic material.

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