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IH-3VOF is a code developed by IH Cantabria to resolve the three-dimensional flows in Coastal Engineering, specifically regarding wave-structure interactions.  presa-cuad-VOF-4

IH-3VOF is a model which is able to study, with a purely tridimentional focus, problems regarding porous media such as jetties.  The model can be applied directly to conventional coastal structures such as jetties. The run up as well as the forces acting upon the structure can be evaluated under different dynamic conditions. The model can therefore be used as a laboratory to carry out different experiments and obtain formulations to correctly design specific structures. It can also be applied directly to the hydrodinamic study in the surf zone considering the porous properties of the beach slope. The tangent tensions at the beach bottom can be calculated very precisely while also allowing us to better understand the transport mechanisms involved.

IH3VOF is able to simulate the behaviour of fluids within th eporous media, while also generating all different types of waves, simulating all types of marine structures. The model has been validated with lab tests (del Jesus et al. 2012).

plataforma-VOF-velo.0495IH-3VOF solves the three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations for transitional flows in two phases. The VOF technique, developed by Rider and Kothe (1998) is used to study the interphase between two fluids. IH-3VOF is designed to simulate all the  phenomena which are relevant to Coastal Engineering. 

The spatial discretization of IH-3VOF is carried out using the fionite volume method, with structured and non-structured grids. A two step frantionary method  (Chorin 1968) is used to solve the velocity and pressure fields. The FGMRES method is used to solve the resulting Poisson equation. To eliminate the spatial oscillations in the pressures and velocity, the Rhie-Chow interpolation method is used. The code can be run both in parallel and in series, allowing complex calculations to be solved very quickly. 

IH-3VOF is an immensely versatile model able to simulate correctly the behaviour of fluids in wave-structure interaction studies.

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