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C3Sim is a simple application to assess the impacts due to changes in the Sea Level Rise (SLR) and incident waves on the different elements of the coast (coastal protection elements, coastlines, beaches, estuaries). To assess these impacts, the application uses semi-empirical formulations determining the future distribution point estimates of the variables involved. The input parameters used to run the C3Sim are obtained through the C3E project, with data from the entire Spanish coast. However, the user must provide data on the geometries which are to be analyzed. Each tab is a small description of the impact study and the formulation used.

c3simWeb 450,300


c3simWeb 450 300

You can access the application via C3sim following link:

This project is funded by the Spanish Secretary of State for Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs (Reference No. 200800050084091)


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