Bathing Water Quality

Establishment of bathing water profiles for the main beaches of Cantabria, Spain (2010-2012)

The requirement to establish the " bathing water profiles " of beaches is an important new aspect of the  Directive on Bathing Water Quality ( 2007/7/EC ), which aims to incorporate a risk assessment, the usual water quality assessment.

The project aims to study th eprofile of 48 beaches  in Cantabria (Spain) and was commissioned in 2011 by the Regional Ministry of Environment of Cantabria. It was based on the characterization of the main pressures existing on the Cantabrian coast and in the modeling of the dispersion of indicators of bacterial contamination from various sources, which include urban discharges and livestock diffuse sources  storm drains, etc.. This has allowed us to establish the relationship between these discharges and pollution levels observed at the beaches. T

Hydrodynamic models and transport and dispersion of substances used in this study, have been developed by  IH Cantabria and , together with the
environmental risk assessment methodology, are a powerful tool to manage the quality of bathing areas.
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