ENCORA (2006-2009)-the network of transnational European networks for Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) was a project funded by the European Union within the 6th Framework Programme. ENCORA's mission was to integrate the activities of its constituent institutions and establish appropriate links between researchers, practitioners, policy makers and other stakeholders in coastal issues.

HISPACOSTA, Spanish national ENCORA network was managed by IH Cantabria. The Hispacosta office had a dual role, hosting both the National Coordinating Organization (NCO) in Spain, and the Thematic Coordination Office (TCO) in Europe dedicated specifically to "TCapacity Building, Training and Education in ICZM". Hispacosta's main mission as a national network of ICZM in Spain was to regulate, promote, encourage and facilitate the  exchange of experience and knowledge on the coast as well as facilitating the coordination and cooperation between the participants and the network activities both at national and European level. Hispacosta members participated, among other activities, in developing action plans to establish European ENCORA priorities of European strategies for the implementation of ICZM.

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