TRANSFER (Tsunami Risk ANd Strategies For the European Region)

Transfer is a European project (FP6) with over 30 research centers, universities and European agencies. The project also includes end users (coastal management entities in local, regional and national government agencies such as civil protection departments, planning authorities, etc.).

The project aims to better understand tsunami processes in the Atlantic-Mediterranean European region, to assess the hazard, vulnerability and risk on European coasts; identify strategies to reduce the risk of tsunamis and establish the basis for an early warning system against tsunamis on European coasts.

As part of this project, IH Cantabria has developed and validated a tsunami propagation model (C3), established methodologies and guidelines for mapping flood probability, assessed the hazard, vulnerability and risk in Cadiz and  Balear islands and proposing mitigation measures. The project also included the study of resonance problems in the port of Palma de Mallorca due to tsunamis.

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