Mario Álvarez-Cabria

Mario Álvarez-Cabria


    Mario Álvarez-Cabria is a Biologist (University of León, Spain; 2003) with a PhD in Environmental Hydraulics, by the University of Cantabria, since 2010. His doctoral thesis obtained a "Cum Laude" mark.

    Currently Mario is a postdoctoral researcher of the University of Cantabria, which allows Mario to continue with his research activity in the field of the management and conservation of aquatic ecosystems. More specifically, Mario has focused on the study of macroinvertebrate fluvial communities, establishing the relationships of these communities with the aquatic environment and the application of this knowledge to improve the assessment and management of fluvial ecosystems. Mario has also participated in many projects and scientific publications advancing in the knowledge on the relationships among the terrestrial and aquatic environments and also in the recognition of certain ecological patterns and dynamics from this type of ecosystems.

    Artículos científicos

    Fernández D. , Barquín J., Álvarez-Cabria M. & Peñas F. J. 2012. Quantifying the performance of automated GIS-based geomorphological approaches for riparian zone delineation using digital elevation models. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (16): 3851-3862

    Peñas F. J., Juanes J. A., Álvarez-Cabria M., Álvarez C., García A., Puente A. & Barquín J. Integration of hydrological and habitat simulation methods to define environmental flows at the basin scale. Water and Environment Journal. In Press.

    Álvarez-Cabria M., Barquín J. & Juanes J. A. 2011. Microdistribution patterns of macroinvertebrate communities upstream and downstream of organic effluents. Water Research (45): 1501-1511.

    Álvarez-Cabria M., Barquín J. & Juanes J. A. 2011. Macroinvertebrate community dynamics in a temperate European Atlantic river. Do they conform to general ecological theory? Hydrobiologia (658): 277-291.

    Cortes R., Varandas S., Teixeira A., Hughes S.J., Magalhães M., Barquín J., Álvarez-Cabria M., & Fernández D. 2011. Effects of landscape and land use variables on reach habitat characteristics and stream macroinvertebrate communities: Implications for river habitat assessment. Limnetica (30): 347-362.

    Naura M., Sear D., Álvarez-Cabria M., Peñas F. J., Fernández D. & Barquín J. 2011. Relationships between river physical habitats and biological communities. The importance of methodological approach and scale based sensitivity. Limnetica (30): 427-446

    Barquín J., Fernández D., Álvarez-Cabria M. & Peñas F.J. 2011. Habitat assessment in Cantabrian rivers. A comparison of methods. Limnetica (30): 329-346.

    Álvarez-Cabria M., Barquín J. & Juanes J. A. 2010. Spatial and seasonal variability of macroinvertebrate metrics: Do macroinvertebrate communities track river health? Ecological Indicators (10): 370-379.

    Álvarez-Cabria M., Barquín J. & Recio M. 2008.Estado de conservación de la comunidad de macroinvertebrados y del bosque de ribera como reflejo de los usos de la cuenca. Locustella (5):88-95.


    Capítulos en libros

    Barquín J., Ondiviela B., Recio M., Álvarez-Cabria M., Peñas F.J., Fernández D., Oti L., Gómez A., Álvarez C. & Juanes J. A. 2012. The evaluation of habitats and species conservation status: A case study for the 91E0* riparian habitat and the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in the Cantabrian rivers, Northern Spain. In: River Conservation and Management. Wiley-Blackwell


    Tesis Doctoral

    Estudio de la variabilidad espacio-temporal de las comunidades de macroinvertebrados bentónicos en los ecosistemas fluviales de Cantabria. Repercusiones para la aplicación de la Directiva Marco del Agua. 2010. Universidad de Cantabria. Dpto. Ciencias y Técnicas del Agua y del Medio Ambiente.

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