About Us

About Us

The mission of IH Cantabria is to become an international centre of excellence specialising in basic and applied research as well as focusing on the development of studies, methodologies, and tools for the management of aquatic ecosystems including superficial and subterraneous waters, transitional and coastal water bodies integrating the relevant processes as well as the socio economic aspects associated with an efficient and sustainable management of the water cycle.

IH Cantabria's main objectives are:

• To explore our knowledge of the water cycle and the related systems, increasing the state of the art in this field of research and technologies.

• To educate and train researchers and specialists in the field of Environmental Hydraulics

• To translate to society and transform into specific social benefits the successes obtained through the study of the integral water cycle and its related systems by establishing solid channels to transfer knowledge, tools and technologies to public administrations and private companies alike.

• To provide the knowledge and tools necessary for developing countries to improve their living standards and their quality of life

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