Beatriz (Bea) has a PhD in Marine Science and Technology from the Cantabria University. Her thesis titled "Effects of coastal sanitation system discharges on Cantabria marine ecosystems (Bay of Biscay)" was awarded a prize by the  Government of Cantabria in 2007.

Bea has done part of her postdoctoral research on marine ecology and aquatic system management at the Centre for Research on Ecological Impacts of Coastal Cities (EICC) at the University of Sydney.

This researcher works actively in national and international research projects on effects of urban and industrial discharges on water quality and marine ecosystems and on management projects for the local and national administration. She also coordinates master thesis and participates as a teacher on the Master of Hydric Systems Management at the University of Cantabria. This diver (open water) is in charge, together with Xabier Guinda, of the ROV (Remotely operated Vehicle) , the water quality sensors/sondes and the Cantabria water bodies quality control networkdatabase.

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Aina G. Gomez is Chemist by the University of Balearic Islands and obtained her PhD at the University of Cantabria. Her doctoral thesis was based on the development of a methodological procedure to estimate environmental risk of pollution in coastal areas. She has enjoyed a doctoral fellowship of the University of Cantabria and during six months was a visiting researcher at Cornell University in Ithaca (USA).

Her research focuses on aquatic port management. Aina has participated in the drafting of the Spanish recommendation of maritime works '5.1 ROM Quality of coastal waters in port areas'; she has validated and calibrated this recommendation through its application to various ports; she has led an action of the Interreg project of Interreg PORTONOVO "Water quality in harbours" (INTERREG IVB, 2009-1/119). At the moment, she is applying the ROM 5.1 in different Spanish harbours, coordinating the INNODRAVAL  project on dredging, treatment and recovery of sediments (subprogramme INNPACTO IPT-310000-2010-17) and she is the technical secretariat of the Working Group on aquatic port management in the framework of the PROTECMA technological platform. Aina has also directed several master thesis and is participating as a professor in two masters degrees on coastal and port engineering and integrated coastal zone management.

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Ana J. Abascal is a researcher in the Oceanography, Estuaries and Water Quality Group of IH Cantabria. She is a Marine Scientist graduated at the University of Cadiz. She has an M.Sc. in Physical Oceanography and an M.Sc. in Marine Science and Technology. She completed her PhD at the University of Cantabria in 2009 with her thesis on "Advances in oil spill modeling. Application to support emergency response". She has been awarded by the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain (Repsol Foundation Award for the "Science Competition - Research Awards 2009") and the Extraordinary Doctorate from the University of Cantabria in the area of Technical Education (2011).

Her research focuses mainly on numerical modelling of transport and fate of oil spills in the marine environment, operational oceanography, development of methodologies and tools to support spill response planning and numerical modelling of storm surge and astronomical tide.

She has been involved in several Spanish National Science projects (Plan Nacional) and international (Interreg program) projects. She is currently the leader of several projects belonging to the Spanish National Plan.

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15 años de experiencia en Planificación Hidrológica e Ingeniería Hidráulica. Comenzó su carrera en la Universidad de Cantabria, desarrollando asistencias técnicas a empresas y organismos públicos, así como proyectos de I+D relacionados con la ingeniería de puertos y costas. Después trabajó cuatro años en la empresa SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas S.A., como responsable de área de negocio, director de proyectos e ingeniero especialista.

Desde 2004 ha trabajado como consultor independiente en Planificación Hidrológica e Ingeniería Hidráulica, principalmente para organismos públicos. A partir del año 2008, su actividad ha estado ligada al Instituto de Hidráulica Ambiental de Cantabria: en proyectos de hidrología, abastecimiento y saneamiento, riesgos y cambio climático, gobernanza y gestión del agua, ingeniería de costas, etc.

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Jara Martínez is a Civil Engineer and she holds a Master's Degree in Coastal and Harbor Engineering (University of Cantabria). During her studies she was awarded  the "Javier Martínez Maurica" mathematical contest award in several editions and the Science and Water and Environmental Techniques Department Prize (CYTAMA).
After a few years developing her career in the private consultancy sphere, mainly as project manager at KV consultores, she has taken part in more than thirty works related to Maritime Engineering and she has participated in several working groups of the Spanish branch of PIANC (ATPYC).
In 2008 she joined IH Cantabria, where she has already worked in different fields such as coastal structure stability, feasibility of port operations, climate change effects on coastal areas and littoral dynamics. Also, she regularly contributes to the development of tools and methodologies regarding wave propagation and coastal management while  working on her PhD Thesis.

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