Wave Energy

Wave Energy

IH Cantabria's commitment to wave energy is well known. In fact it is one of the preferred research lines within the renewable energy and offshore engineering group. In the field of wave energy IH Cantabria has two main research lines:
  • New techniques for the estimation of the resource and
  • Testing, modeling and optimization of devices.

In both lines of research IH Cantabria has demonstrated its innovative abilities. A good example is the wave energy atlas, ENOLA, developed for the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. It includes the latest downscaling techniques, calibration and data mining to generate the resource atlas.

As for the ability in modeling wave energy devices, IH Cantabria is known for developing their own models (Wave-to-Wire)(Wave-to-Wire) for studying the behavior and performance of all types of devices. These models have been widely calibrated from laboratory experience developed so far in this field. IH Cantabria has extensive experience in this field having tested a number of underwater devices, multi-body oscillating water column devices, etc..

All this allows IH Cantabria to be able to offer a highly competitive R&D+i program, combining the latest numerical techniques with experimental testing facilities located in house.

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